Treadmill training has become increasingly popular over the last decade. Before then, treadmills for the home were not made with high quality parts. They were on the noisy side, not sturdy, and a cheap piece of equipment. But times have changed and an abundance of marathon trainers have turned to indoor training on treadmills.

1. Safety Issues – The more I read on outdoor running, the more inclined I am to walk or run indoors. You need to be aware when running in the winter months. The cold, icy conditions and blowing snow. Not only do you need to be aware of these conditions for your own balance but also watching out for winter drivers and snowplows on the road. One story I read was about a Canadian runner who had gone out for his run and was struck by a snowplow. It took him 2 months to recover.

Some police officials advise not to wear an MP3 player or any type of stereo device, so you are completely aware of your surrounding. Many runners who do trails and outdoor running run with a buddy, run in well-lit environments, use a dog, or run in public places. Whereas in a gym, you are surrounded by motivating people, you can read, watch a video, listen to your MP3 player and be done you’re run in a comfortable environment. Most beginner runners like the people around them. Some people who run outdoors by themselves find it lonely.

2. Heat – You need to watch the heat when running outdoors. Having the sun blazing down on you is a lot harder on your body, and can cause dizziness, dehydration and possibly sunstroke. You’ll be able to work out longer when you’re running in a cool environment, like an air-conditioned building. Most treadmills provide a great water bottle storage area, so no need to carry water with you as you run.

3. Family Time and Job Schedules are a huge factor for working adults and raising young children.

A large number of young families who have just had babies look to buy a treadmill at home. Time restrictions with a baby and work demands make getting to the gym harder than ever. Having fitness equipment at home allows you to step on your treadmill whenever you have a few moments. Put the baby in the swing or cradle and many times they will fall asleep hearing the consistent rhythm of the treadmill sound. If your job is high demanding, you don’t need to miss an important client call if you were running on your treadmill in the office.

4. Injuries– Treadmills have some cushioning built into the bed, which means less pounding for your legs.

According to Ken Sparks, PH. D exercise physiologist at Cleveland State University says there is less pounding on the legs from a treadmill than the pavement so you are less prone to injuries. Running on concrete and asphalt is hard on the joints. He also points out that slopes on the road force you to overpronate. This is when the feet rotate too far inward causing shin splits and other leg problems.

5. Programs and inclines– Treadmills offer a great amount of programs and inclines. For many runners, they would need to look for the perfect running trail with just the right incline if they were training for a certain race. With a program you can just punch in a number, with the incline and enjoy your workout. Gradually adding more or less of an incline when needed. It’s a very precise way of training. Some treadmills offer racecourse programs, so you can train for inclines at different times in your route.