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How to Stay Fit When Travelling

The most difficult thing with working out on the road is your commitment. Working out on the road begins before you leave home. Whether you work out regularly or rarely, are fit or out of shape, you have to decide, that on this trip, you WILL work out, no matter what. If you are not sure you want to pay the price then do this experiment.

1. Undress

2. Look in the mirror

3. Ask yourself, “Do I like what I see?” If the answer is yes, then ask yourself “Do I want to maintain my fitness while I am away?” If you do not like what you see, then ask “Do I want to start dealing with this now?”

If the answer is “yes” then you are ready to commit. Once you are committed, plan and prepare. To prepare ask “What type of workouts would I enjoy – outdoor, indoor, or a combination?” Now reflect on the question “What are the obstacles to working out most likely to occur on my trip?”

If you commit and prepare adequately, I guarantee you will dramatically shrink all of your obstacles and objections. Here are my tips to help you overcome the more common problems on the road.

· Space (Indoors) You only need a 6′ x 8′ space which can be found in any hotel room. Gyms are a luxury but not necessary. (See this video I made on working out in a small area.)

· Time Make working out your first priority after you awake and meditate. This frees you up to enjoy the day’s schedule. Otherwise ensure you get it done before bed.

· Company Your best scenario is to have travel buddies with the same priority for fitness. Otherwise wake early and get it done before everyone else gets going.

· Equipment The less equipment you take the better. (See my list below).

· Nutrition You need to eat well! High protein breakfast and foods that sustain you throughout the day. Carrying good food with you when you can ensure you control your calories and may even be cheaper than eating out everywhere. (Check what I take with me below). Hydrate regularly throughout the day.

· Injury If you have an injury respect it. Rest or train lightly. You are on vacation and want to be in good shape to enjoy your day!

Here is how I prepared for my 6 week trip to Australia:

Firstly I decided to do a combination of indoor and outdoor workouts, including surfing. The indoor workouts included resistance, high intensity cardio, plyometric -jump training and yoga, five days per week while away. My preparation was simple. I packed a set of work out DVD’s for indoor training (played through my laptop), a black resistance band (weighs 1 pound), portable push up stands (1.5 pounds), running shoes and shorts. For nutrition I am taking supplements and a month’s supply of shakeology. Luckily my wife is a perfect travelling buddy who loves to workout and shares my commitment to stay fit.

So rather than return home after a great holiday to project “resurrect me”, I will come back strong, in my training groove, and looking as good as, or better than, when I left! Now that is a win-win vacation.

As a traveller how do you stay fit when away? Please add your comments below as this is such an important part of your journey. Also I would love to know if these tips helped you at all and if so, how. Thanks for your reply.

Travel well and Stay Strong

Walking For Fun and Fitness

Walking for fun and fitness is a great way to combine a workout with an enjoyable activity. Is not only easy and simple but anybody can do it. Walking is far less traumatic on the body than running or jogging. It is quite likely the most popular physical activity today. It is also a great way to get your body into good physical shape, and help in maintaining overall health and wellness goals.

Walking is an activity where the participant often uses the areas where they live, usually on roads, footpaths or parks and recreational areas. It has proven to be a great exercise because it is the most natural movement for your body to do.

Walking for fun is an excellent exercise to help us achieve any fitness level. Walking has become the new mantra for people who want to shed those extra pounds, and is an ideal choice for many because it requires little more than suitable clothing, good shoes, and a safe, walking area.

Walking for fun, has become without a doubt, one of the best ways to get in shape, trim your waistline, and improve your health. {I am testament to this fact} Walking is also one of the best aerobic exercises for your heart. Walking for fitness is inexpensive, safe, and amazingly good for you.

For fitness, walking is the nearest activity to perfect exercise” In fact walking is one of the most natural forms of exercise for the body which is simple and safe. Another important aspect of walking is that it allows you to find your own unique pace.

Exercise…? Or a Way of Life…!

Walking Exercise is ideal for people of all ages to get and keep their body fit and healthy. before you start any exercise program. Especially any exercise routine that will raise your heart rate. It is highly advisable to go and VISIT YOUR DOCTOR…!!! Tell him your intentions, listen to and act upon his advice, Stay Safe, Stay Well.

Because walking is low impact it is an excellent way to stave off Heart Disease: Walking For a Healthy Heart, 30 minutes a day is a good and reasonably easy target to achieve, over a short period of time. Stay in control of your program do not overdo it…!

For Close to 2,500 years, walking has been known and used as an excellent form of exercise, it is now endorsed by most of the world’s leading experts in obesity. Walking is a low impact gentle exercise that allows the you to reach a good levels of fitness, in a relatively short period of time. {4 to 6 Months}

An exercise that anyone can do without joining the gym, or purchasing expensive equipment, the natural way to fitness and weight control. When we are walking we not only strengthen our heart; all other lower body muscle groups, such as Thighs, Ham String, Buttocks, Lower Back, Knees, Calves, Ankles and Feet. By reducing the amount of work that the heart needs to do. we are making it stronger and more able to cope with far less effort. Also walking for fun and fitness, gives you a reason to get yourself, outside into the daylight and sunshine.


Walking for fun and fitness has all the benefits of gentle but useful exercise. by setting realistic goals, you will soon realise that, even a modest amount of walking if done regularly is known to give health benefits to the individual. Often, when people think about aerobic exercise and getting into shape they think about running, or jogging…!!! his is not always the case however, Start walking for fun, and the fitness will follow; walking provides the same health benefits as running, but with low impact to the body, and with far less risk of injury.

The benefits that you will experience almost immediately are improved muscle tone, better posture improved breathing, an overall feeling of well being, and shortly weight loss will show. The benefits of any exercise you do now will multiply over the years. We can argue the benefits of running versus walking, but when all said and done, Walking is the perfect low-impact, aerobic exercise with many health benefits.

Walking is one of the best forms of exercise, and you can do it almost anywhere, you can boost the intensity, calorie burn, and challenge of your walks by adding goals. You don’t need to take time out to achieve all the fitness benefit that walking offers you, try to take a longer route than you normally would. A good target is to walk for at least, 15 minutes to start with, then up to 30 minutes at a time; this is the amount of time it takes for your body to gain real fitness benefits for your efforts.

Benefits of Working Out on a Treadmill

Treadmill training has become increasingly popular over the last decade. Before then, treadmills for the home were not made with high quality parts. They were on the noisy side, not sturdy, and a cheap piece of equipment. But times have changed and an abundance of marathon trainers have turned to indoor training on treadmills.

1. Safety Issues – The more I read on outdoor running, the more inclined I am to walk or run indoors. You need to be aware when running in the winter months. The cold, icy conditions and blowing snow. Not only do you need to be aware of these conditions for your own balance but also watching out for winter drivers and snowplows on the road. One story I read was about a Canadian runner who had gone out for his run and was struck by a snowplow. It took him 2 months to recover.

Some police officials advise not to wear an MP3 player or any type of stereo device, so you are completely aware of your surrounding. Many runners who do trails and outdoor running run with a buddy, run in well-lit environments, use a dog, or run in public places. Whereas in a gym, you are surrounded by motivating people, you can read, watch a video, listen to your MP3 player and be done you’re run in a comfortable environment. Most beginner runners like the people around them. Some people who run outdoors by themselves find it lonely.

2. Heat – You need to watch the heat when running outdoors. Having the sun blazing down on you is a lot harder on your body, and can cause dizziness, dehydration and possibly sunstroke. You’ll be able to work out longer when you’re running in a cool environment, like an air-conditioned building. Most treadmills provide a great water bottle storage area, so no need to carry water with you as you run.

3. Family Time and Job Schedules are a huge factor for working adults and raising young children.

A large number of young families who have just had babies look to buy a treadmill at home. Time restrictions with a baby and work demands make getting to the gym harder than ever. Having fitness equipment at home allows you to step on your treadmill whenever you have a few moments. Put the baby in the swing or cradle and many times they will fall asleep hearing the consistent rhythm of the treadmill sound. If your job is high demanding, you don’t need to miss an important client call if you were running on your treadmill in the office.

4. Injuries– Treadmills have some cushioning built into the bed, which means less pounding for your legs.

According to Ken Sparks, PH. D exercise physiologist at Cleveland State University says there is less pounding on the legs from a treadmill than the pavement so you are less prone to injuries. Running on concrete and asphalt is hard on the joints. He also points out that slopes on the road force you to overpronate. This is when the feet rotate too far inward causing shin splits and other leg problems.

5. Programs and inclines– Treadmills offer a great amount of programs and inclines. For many runners, they would need to look for the perfect running trail with just the right incline if they were training for a certain race. With a program you can just punch in a number, with the incline and enjoy your workout. Gradually adding more or less of an incline when needed. It’s a very precise way of training. Some treadmills offer racecourse programs, so you can train for inclines at different times in your route.

Fitness Walking For Exercise And Good Health

Want to improve your health and fitness? Try walking as exercise to get fit. Believe it or not, in past years, most people walked almost every where. There was not much of a choice available, since there were not others ways that they could get around. Most people did not have cars and there were not bus routes or subway stations just around every corner. If there even was public transportation, you’d have to walk quite a ways to find the nearest bus stop or station to catch it. Now days, most people get into their nice cars and drive wherever they want to go. They don’t even consider just walking that mile to go a nearby store or to send a letter, even on a nice day. People prefer to drive, which makes it no surprise that so many people have health problems. If you rarely ever walk, then it is time that you do. Start walking to improve your health and fitness. Here are some fitness walking tips and food for thought.

You are missing the many health benefits that walking for exercise offers, while looking for a magic pill to cure your physical ailments. In many cases the solution to your health problems can be found in simple fitness walking and exercises. Here are just a few, not all, of the benefits that walking for fitness offers: weightloss management, a reduction in your risk of stroke or heart attack, you can increase good cholesterol and lower bad cholesterol (LDL), and controlling or reducing high blood pressure. Simply put modern technology has made us lazy and our bodies are suffering from it.

Get creative, just parking your car near the back of the parking lot can help you to walk further, since you’ll have to walk all the way to the store and then back to your car. Take your time and spend some time walking around the store or the mall so you are sure to get some exercise as well. Try walking the stairs in you office building instead of the elevator. You’ll be surprised how good you start to feel when you decide to improve your fitness walking.

Walking does not have to be unenjoyable or a chore. Regularly walking in the country or around a park is a great way for you to get the exercise you need and some fresh air as well. In fact, why not take the whole family. It will be a great time when you can educate your kids on the benefits of walking, as well as the wildlife and plant life that you see along the way. With a treadmill or other exercise machine, walking can be done at home inexpensively and at your convenience, with no regard of the weather. You can read, listen to music or even watch a dvd or tv show while you exercise!

If you are just starting think about exercise, walking is a great idea. Always make sure that you take the time to stretch before you exercise. Whether you choose to walk around the neighborhood a park or choose a exercise machine, when you are walking, be sure that you go fast enough so that you feel your heart working, but make sure you are able to talk as well. So, start walking today to improve your health and your fitness.

Kickboxing: A Good Hobby for Your Health

Kickboxing mixes aerobics, martial arts, karate, and boxing to provide a unique sport that improves and maintains several physical characteristics and abilities. Tasks used in kickboxing can include jump roping, kicking, punching, shadowboxing, aerobic maneuvers, and more. It taps in to a lot of physical activity that maintains healthiness of the heart, the mind, and the soul. Kickboxing classes are a great way to get started.

Improving Agility
The art of kickboxing offers the power to maneuver muscles in an efficient manner, improving overall agility and strength. Agility requires isolated movements through your reflexes, strength, coordination, balance, and endurance. It also keeps the ability to draw conclusions efficiently and react fast. This keeps the heart healthy, the muscles strong, the endurance high, and the brain focused. So it basically rolls up many healthy characteristics into one.

Maintaining Heart Health
Because kickboxing requires a lot of strength and endurance, it promotes a healthy heart. Just like running a lap or two requires the heart to be in good shape, the actions that include holding positions, moving muscles articulately, reacting fast with energy, holding your balance, etc. all rely on a good heart. Kickboxing classes use these activities at various levels, depending on the class. Therefore, you could improve overall heart health when performing kickboxing activities.

Maintaining Good Circulation
Good circulation improves Oxygen through the body, which is healthy for your heart and strengthens the vessels that demand the oxygen. This also improves energy levels. Low blood circulation like when you are sick tends to drop the amount of energy you have and can even bring on fatigue. Aside from that, the harder the heart has to work, the more strain it places on the organ so good blood flow keeps the heart in peak condition-or at least as good as it can be. The legs and the feet require a lot of work to receive good blood flow, which is improved through the kickboxing activities. In addition, healthy blood circulation improves cell growth capabilities and overall organ health, as well as healthy skin tone. Lastly, good circulation helps promote healthy brain function.

Strengthening the Muscles
If the muscles in the body do not have much strength, you may feel week and/or soar from exertion. Kickboxing classes improve strength in various muscles throughout the body. As blood flows through the muscle areas, it provides more strength. Kickboxing requires a lot of muscle control, movement, and endurance that helps keep muscle tone and health intact. All of these elements lead to requiring less energy from the muscles for other daily activities and that will keep you from getting so tired.

Helping Control Diabetes
Diabetes is a condition affecting many people around the globe and causes low blood circulation, amongst other things. Kickboxing improves blood circulation, which is necessary to diabetes patients to help them cope with the diagnosis and help to prevent complications.

Walk Together Toward Common Goals

A really simple way to unify your team under the one flag, while promoting corporate, is to set company walking targets. Walking is the one form of exercise that (almost) anyone can take part in regardless of fitness levels. It is also something that your staff can do by themselves, in pairs or in larger groups and it doesn’t cost the participants anything. All you need to do as the business leader is to supply pedometers (the little device that counts your steps) and a large whiteboard, and you are ready to go!

Why Walking

Because walking is so easy, it teaches people in a very low-intensity way how to make exercise a regular part of their routine. Employees with a really sedentary job will walk roundabout 3,000 steps per day, but for weight loss and maintenance an average of 10,000 steps per days is advised, which is roughly an hour to an hour and a half of walking. Some people that have jobs where they’re on their feet a lot of the time may be getting their 10,000 steps without any additional walks while others need to make an effort either before, after or during work.

Increasing Your Daily Steps Effortlessly

Sometime the thoughts of going for an extra walk in the day to cover a certain amount of steps can feel like choir, but there are ways around it until you appreciate getting out and about. Park your car further away from work, or from wherever you are going. If you are using public transportation, get off a couple of stops before your destination and walk. Where there are escalators and elevators, take the stairs. If the distance you’re travelling is relatively short, don’t take the car, save the ozone layer and your wallet by walking instead.

Create Your Company Targets, Achieve and Reset!

If you want your walking challenges to run effortlessly you cannot force people to do a certain amount of steps each day, but you can make it more fun by giving all their combined efforts some purpose. So you create targets to reach as a team. One kilometre is roughly 1,320 steps and by knowing this you can set a distance like Melbourne to Sydney as a group target. Get everyone’s name up on the whiteboard, hand out the pedometers and write down the overall target. Add in some images of the distance to make the goal feel more real. Each week you write down the steps of everyone and you keep going until you have reached your target. Once the target is reached, you may choose another one, or to it again, faster! Engage your team and health and productivity will become a nice little bi-product.

Depending on the size of your business, you should choose different targets, but even smaller businesses can aim to reach larger targets over time and larger corporations can have smaller targets and introduce some friendly competitions in between departments. Here are a few distances to get your team started:

Marathon 55,704 steps (42.2km)

Iron Man Competition 298,452 steps (226.1km)

Monaco Grand Prix 343,886 steps (260.52km)

Melbourne to Sydney 1,152,360 steps (873km)

Tour De France 4,752,000 steps (3,600km)

Great Wall of China 8,448,000 steps (6,400km)

Trans-Siberian Railway 12,272,040 steps (9,297km)

Earth to the Moon 507,411,960 steps (384,403km)

Why Walking Is The Most Fun Exercise

All forms of exercise can be fun. However, walking is such a versatile exercise, that it should be considered the most fun exercise ever. This article will touch upon three reasons why walking deserves this title.

You Can Walk With Anyone And Carry On A Conversation

Exercise is usually more fun when you can do it with someone else. Since walking is an exercise suited for people of all fitness levels, you have a wide variety of people you can take with you on your walk. Since walking doesn’t require an extensive amount of effort, you can carry on a wonderful conversation with your walking buddy. Those conversations can carry on for minutes and potentially hours. You can get a lot of exercise in without even noticing it or feeling bored when you have people with you.

You Can Jam To Your Tunes While Walking

If you are like most people, you probably love listening to your tunes while exercising. Not every exercise can afford you that possibility as intense exercises require your full effort and weight lifting requires your full concentration. Walking, on the other hand, is an exercise that you can do while listening to music because it does not require full effort or concentration. As long as you keep your eyes open for oncoming traffic and take on an easy to medium walking path, you should be able to listen to your tunes and get a good workout in by walking. Thus, you can have a lot of fun listening to your favorite tunes and getting in a good workout.

You Can Enjoy The Scenery While Walking

One of the most beautiful things about being outdoors is enjoying the sun and the scenery around you whether it be trees, buildings, mountains, or bodies of water. Walking allows you to soak in these wonderful scenic views and get a good workout in as well.

You wouldn’t be able to enjoy the scenery running since you must put maximal effort into each step. One can enjoy the scenery while biking, but at such fast speeds you have to pay attention to the path in front of you so that you don’t crash into anything. You won’t have as much time or enjoyment as you would like to enjoy the scenery. But with walking, you can always take time to smell the roses even while moving. Nothing could be more fun.

Very few exercises, if any, have these three qualities. One of the most important things about exercise is that it must be fun. That is what gets people up and moving. This is why I am a strong advocate of walking as the best exercise ever.

Walking Programs For Weight Loss

Walking is an effective way to get in shape and lose weight. It is an easy and pleasant experience as well. Walking could actually be the one successful activity that will help you lose weight. The reason is that walking is as effective as high-intensity activities while being more gentle on the body. In order to lose weight by fitness walking you need to add variety to your walking routine. This article will give you some tips on intensifying your workout.

Walking for Weight Loss

If you want to lose weight you don’t need to worry about sweating in the gym or exhausting yourself every day. Fitness walking is a gentle and pleasant way to lose weight. If you walk at a brisk and steady pace you are able to burn almost as many calories as you do while jogging or running. So if running is not for you then you can get the same positive effects by fitness walking.

Fitness walking allows you to burn a lot of calories. The amount of calories you burn per hour depends on your actual weight and your speed. But for sure, with the right speed you will easily be able to burn 500 calories. So it is a great way to exercise when you want to lose weight.

You need to get yourself a pair of good quality walking shoes and that is basically all you need to get started. If you are a beginner it is important to take it easy in the beginning until your muscles and joints have gotten used to the increase in activity. You can gradually increase your distance and pace as you get stronger.

The best thing about walking for weight loss is that it is easy and convenient. You don’t need a lot of equipment to get started and you don’t need expensive memberships. All you need is to put on your shoes and get out there. You can fit in your walking program whenever it fits in your daily schedule. And you have the freedom to do it everywhere. It is a very flexible type of exercise and that is why it is very effective for many people.

Walking Programs For Weight Loss

When you have gotten used to fitness walking and you are able to walk a good distance without getting tired then you can start adding some variety to your workout. This will make it easier for you to lose weight. When you first start out fitness walking you will see results very fast. As with any other type of exercise there comes a time when the body has gotten used to the increased activity and you don’t see results just as fast anymore. Then you know it is time to add a little extra.

There are many ways you can alternate your walking routine. One of the best ways to lose weight is to perform interval training. This means that you alternate your pace so you swift between high-intensity walking and low-intensity walking. For instance, you can walk very fast for 10 minutes and then slow down for 5 minutes. This type of exercise is great for your cardiovascular fitness.

Here are some tips on how you can alternate your walking program:

  • Interval walking
  • Walking on stairs
  • Walking on hills
  • On-walk exercises
  • Walking on sand
  • Walking with a stroller

Walking on stairs and hills will also give you an added effect to your workout. You can alternate in so many ways, it is only your imagination that sets the limits. For instance, you can walk up fast and walk down slowly. Even when you walk down slowly you use your muscles a lot as they have to keep you balanced as you slow down.

If you walk outside in nature you can take some breaks where you do another type of exercise. If you have a park or a forest near by, you can do sit ups on a fallen tree, arm lifts on a branch of a tree, and squats leaning on a bench. If you live near a coast line you can take walks on the beach and get the effect of walking on sand. Only the sky is the limit when it comes to fitness walking.

If you have kids you can walk with a stroller. Pushing a kid or two in front of you will surely get your pulse up. If you walk fast with a stroller you will be able to burn extra calories and tone your arms as well. Then add a hill as well and you are on a sure way to weight loss. If you have given birth recently, then this is a good way to get rid off some extra weight.

Walk Your Way to Fitness

Do you remember your first tottering steps? Then you felt steadier and the steps turned more into a run and soon nothing could hold you down, you were up and away – you could walk! How much walking do we do as we grow into adulthood? Sadly the number of people who spend most of the day sitting down continues to rise. Buy you could make a difference to your health and fitness, start walking to feel good.

How exactly does walking help us stay healthy and fit? Tons of research and various studies have been conducted, all reaching the same conclusion, walking helps to control diabetes and heart trouble, reduces high blood pressure, increases longevity and so much more. What is important is that feeling of health and fitness you get as you walk.

Walking as an exercise does not require any great investment, I would say investment is practically zero except for a pair of comfortable shoes to walk in. Carry your socks with you when you go shopping and wear them when trying on the shoes, which should be comfortable to move about in. It is recommended that you start off slow, walk to warm up and gradually increase your speed. Set a pace that you are comfortable with and keep to it, there’s no marathon to be won.

Some of the health and fitness benefits associated with walking are detailed below to give you the impetus you need to start walking.

  • Many of us experience symptoms of depression and stress from the fast paced, highly pressured lives we live. When you walk for approximately 30 minutes a day you will find that feeling of depression being lifted.
  • It would be great to improve the functioning of our minds and you can do this with walking as studies have shown. Walking for approximately 2 hours a week will help you improve your thinking and reasoning powers. In simple terms the brain begins to function better!
  • Walking improves your physical functioning, as well as your cardiac and respiratory functioning and helps to prevent many of the ailments associated with aging
  • Medically the benefits of walking have been proven time and again to help prevent type 2 diabetes through weight loss; strengthen your heart, prevent coronary problems and improve mortality rates. You can prevent cancers from attacking your body and increase bone density.

Why not begin walking your way to a healthier and a fitter life – it’s free!

The Massive Benefit of Walking for Health

We really enjoy talking about the healthy aspects of life and how you can benefit from the simple things like natural remedies. It’s a lot of fun talking about these things because they make a real difference in people’s lives. We look at the things which are simple and the things that work.

Today, we’re going to have a look at walking; how you can get the most benefit out of walking and what it can do for you, your life, and your lifestyle as well.

There are nine main aspects to do with walking. We’re going to have a look at each of these in detail. So journey with me and let’s all figure out this stuff together.

The nine aspects of walking that we will cover are: why walk, where to walk, who to walk with, what pace, the walking tools, the time of day, the mobility, the body chemicals, and last one is a secret that we will share to you at the end of this discussion.


Well, fitness is one really good reason. Whether it’s just getting out and about, or trying to elevate your heart rate, making sure that you’re not “puffed out” next time. Overall health is very important, and overall fitness fits in with that very, very well. Mental health is also included, which means healing your stresses and/or de stressing yourself. It’s important that you realize that getting out and walking helps a lot with these things.

Do you realize that one of the reasons why people are really stressed today is because they are always cooped up inside and never really get out? It’s almost like having A fever. You’re stuck inside, you don’t know what to do, and you’re stuck in an environment which you’re not really comfortable with. Getting out and making a difference in your life, seeing different things and experiencing real life can really help.

Entertainment is important too. Sometimes you just want to move and see different things. It’s very important that you get out and recognize these. So why walk? It is because of entertainment.

Last but not least is travelling between places. Walking really helps when you want to move between A and B. You don’t always have to take your vehicle, you don’t always have to drive a car, and you don’t always have to ride a bike. Sometimes, just walking between places, even if it’s just going down the shops, and enjoying a general stroll to get a bottle of milk or a loaf of bread from the local shop is very important because it’s very simple. It allows you to de stress, get out, and enjoy the environment.

The next major point is WHERE TO WALK? You could go to the park, the beach, alongside the road, you could walk the kids to school, and you could go, as mentioned, to the shops to get a loaf of bread. You could walk through the mountains, at a scenic route, and have a look out there. It’s a lot of fun going through mountainous areas. There’s a lot of wildlife, trees… It’s just really, really good to get out and about.

Where else to walk? Well, you could walk up the stairs instead of taking the elevator or the escalator. A lot of buildings are equipped with stairs, but not many people use them. They always seem to stick with the lift or the elevator. Do yourself a favour and use the stairs. Walk around your house, or your yard. If you haven’t got a big yard, walk up and down the local street instead. Lastly, if you haven’t got a lot of room to move, then you might have a video game, like a Wii fit program or something like that, which I don’t really recommend. It’s always better to go out and walk around. But, you never know. Video programs can be a lot of fun as well, especially if you do it with a lot of people.

Okay the next aspect of walking is WHO TO WALK WITH? Now, you can walk by yourself, which is a very tranquil experience at times. It is very enjoyable to walk by yourself sometimes. But oftentimes, you just want to be out and about with other people. Sometimes, walking with a partner for a casual stroll really does you good. It might be your spouse, or your kid. Walking with your kids or your family is fantastic because it allows them to bond with you, to do simple things. Bonding with your children or family in doing simple things such as walking is definitely the way to go. It allows them to just get out and about, be with you in the same space, and just see who you are, without being anything different. Just seeing people out, walking, out and about, is a lot of fun. They’re enjoying it, with the sunshine and the fresh air, and even on occasional cloudy days.

Walking beside water is also very, very tranquil as well. It makes a lot of sense because it gets you back to nature. So, who to walk with? Firstly, your friends, your family, even your kids. That’s great. However, consider your pace. If you are walking with your children, you shouldn’t go too fast so they can keep up or so that they can at least keep up with the pace, to keep everyone happy. This might mean that if your children are in strollers, you still take the opportunity to put them in their strollers while you walk together. Talk to them along the way. It’s really, really good as a family activity.

The next point is PACE. What pace should I do? It can be a fast pace, a brisk walk, or a slow saunter. Are you doing it for fitness or weight loss or to elevate your heart rate? Are you going to be carrying small weights with you? Are you going to have an iPod in your ears so you’re going along to keep the pace? If you are doing a fast pace, just remember that you might not be able to continue with that pace for a long, long time. However, if you can, well that’s great because you’re elevating your heart rate and that’s great for fitness. If it’s a brisk walk, then that’s great too since you wouldn’t be putting too much strain on your bones and joints and you’re getting great fitness at the same time. Now, if it’s a slow saunter, sometimes that is just a de stressing element, when you want to literally de stress your body. You’re just wandering aimlessly through the bush or besides some body of water. You’re just casually looking around. It really de stresses you and it’s really good.

If you carry small weights in your arms, one in each hand, let’s say half a kilo or even a kilogram each, then that will really make a difference. Within a couple of minutes you’ll notice the weight burn. I recommend that you stick to only a couple of hundred grams in each hand because over time, even half an hour later, it will really add up and you’ll notice the difference. Your arms will be aching, as well as your legs. If you want to keep a decent pace, one of the best things to do is listen to some decent walking music on your iPod. I find that listening to music from internet radio, particularly the fast paced dance music, will help you set a really great pace. As you’re walking along, you’ll be able to go on walking for miles and miles without even noticing it. What I’m trying to say is, setting a pace with music makes the time go quick because you’ll be concentrating on the beat of the music and moving your legs to that pace without realizing that you’re actually travelling a lot farther than what you would normally accomplish.

Now the next point that you’ll want to look at is the WALKING TOOL. What do you really need if you want to go walking? One of the things I find is to just keep it simple. So what do you really need? Nothing. You just need yourself. There’s no excuse to not get out and walk. If you want to go for a walk, then go for a walk. You don’t need any special shoes or clothing.

But, if you want to get fancy, then you can get into these other aspects. If you want to monitor how fast or how long you can actually go then you can use a pedometer. It measures how far you’ve actually travelled. It also measures how many steps you’ve taken, your heart rate, and all that sort of stuff. You can have walking dumb bells or weights, as mentioned before, they are walking tools. You can have an iPod or iPod shuffle or an mp3 player with some pace music, mood music, or just some sort of emotional audio in order to give you a particular emotional trip as you move along. You might have an audio book on your music player too if you want. You might be interested in reading a book, but you just don’t have the time, so you can put it into audio format instead and have it read to you. In other words, an audio book can be read to you as you’re walking along. In essence, you’re killing two birds with one stone.

You might need a hat and some shoes and some cool clothes because as you’re walking along, you might get sweaty and it will be rather hot for you. So a hat is a good idea if you’re walking under the bright hot sun, and you want to make sure you have great shoes, comfortable ones, so you won’t have sore feet. Just remember though, they are not necessities. I find walking barefooted can really be de stressing as well. Walking with the sand between your toes, or kicking along the grass with your bare feet, it’s just really nice. Sometimes walking on gravel can be very stimulating. Don’t forget, the nerves that travel through your body go through your feet as well, so walking barefoot also helps massage your feet and all the other organs in your body can be stimulated through the nerves in your feet.

As you’re walking along, don’t forget that you’re going to get dirty, so you might want to have a water bottle. Now, what do you put in it? Could it be milk, or some other sort of drink? I would suggest that the best drink to have in your water bottle is plain and simple water. If you want, you may add a couple of pinches of salt in there as well, because as you do walk along, you will be losing some salt from your body. They may be electrolytes or some similar stuff. It is important that you have some sort of drink as you’re walking along, especially on long walks. It is important to take in a couple of sips of water or more to keep you from becoming dehydrated. Bring along heaps of great music, they are great walking tools to set the pace. You may use the music from the internet radio, as mentioned or some pre-recorded music on your mp3 player.

Now the next aspect of walking is the TIME OF DAY. What time of day is best for walking? It depends on what you want to achieve. Walking in the morning is fantastic for weight loss. As soon as you wake up, you have a drink of water with some lemon squeezed into it, perhaps with a couple of pinches of salt, and you get up and you walk for about half an hour or an hour. It helps remove all the toxins from your body and lose weight as well. If it’s midmorning or midday, you’re really going out to achieve something, and you might be kicking up a bit of a sweat if you go walking on midday. That is fine too because it really depends on what you want. The afternoon is great for a stroll, where you can just meander or saunter between places, just for the sake of checking things out, or going here or going there. You might have a bit of a routine where it’s cooler in the afternoon and that’s when you’d rather check things out, and that’s also fantastic. It is a lot of fun walking in the afternoon or in the early evening. Just remember that first thing in the morning is great for weight loss because you’re removing the toxins from your skin and your body, from your whole system. So go have a big drink of water and go for a nice walk for about an hour, and you’ll notice the difference after about a week or so.

If you do a routine and you want to walk at a certain time of day, try to make it during the same time of day, each day, because it will set a routine. Now sometimes, we put off walking because it can be difficult to get out and make your mind up, claiming we’re too busy to keep it up. However, getting out and doing a stroll or some sort of meaningful routine walk everyday at the same time is a lot easier to achieve. Another thing is, if you’re working in an office, it is great to get out at lunchtime and just go walk for about half an hour, at your own pace. You might get a little bit hot and sweaty, but if you cool down and walk in the shade at the end of it, with some nice hydrating element at the end, then you’ll be cool as well.

Which brings us on to the next aspect, and that is MOBILITY. Now, not all of us are able-bodied people. Some of us do not have all four limbs, nor two legs. So walking can be a challenge, particularly to people with mobility issues. However, this is not a reason why you can’t get out and enjoy the great outdoors, to go walking in order to achieve fitness. I’ve seen a lot of people with crutches, or with only one leg, who got up and about. Admittedly, even though I have two legs, I find it hard to get out and do what I’m actually telling you now. However, I realized that if other people can do it, walk around, and enjoy doing it, then there’s no reason why we can’t do so as well. You might have minimal movements in your legs, probably due to particular diseases or ailments, but it’s not a reason why you can’t get out and enjoy a nice stroll. It’s important that you get out once in a while and move. That’s what it’s all about.

Walking is movement. It is enjoying where you are, the scenery around you, the people you walk with, and the fact that you can get out and just enjoy yourself. That’s what walking is all about. If you’re stuck in a wheelchair, it’s still not a reason why you can’t get out and go for a stroll or a push around the local park or the local street. Getting out and about is what we’re after here. We’re after health, health and living, getting out, and enjoying life. It’s all about movement.

Now let’s have a look at the second to the last point, which is the BODY CHEMICALS. As we walk, we consider that our bodies use up different types of chemicals and they have different chemical reactions. Do you feel good when you walk? Your body releases endorphins and serotonins as you do so. Are you out of breath all the time? Are you sick, and you feel as if you can’t get up and move? I’m telling you that walking is fantastic for your overall health. Here are the aspects that I believe are very important. Walking does make you feel good. Even if you don’t feel good at the time, afterwards, you will feel a lot better. This is because your blood is already circulating around your body. It really helps make you feel good because your whole body is being oxygenated. It gives you life and vitality.

Now, endorphins are released as well. They are the happy juice things that run around your body. You get pleasure and enjoyment once endorphins are released all over your body, from your brain. Serotonin can do this as well. They are the chemicals in your brain that make you happy. So when you walk, you will get these two chemicals released and they are very important for your overall health when you have these running all over your body. If you get out of breath, if you’re already struggling to breathe, don’t push yourself, just go slow and start on a small walk. Increase the pace and lengthen the walk as you go along. There’s nothing wrong with adding on a short walk. It’s very important not to push yourself at first, but build up and go stronger and stronger as you go along.

Now, here’s the next point, which a lot of people don’t quite get. If you’re feeling sick, it’s important to rest. But it’s also very important to get out and get some fresh air, and I suggest walking. Do this at your own pace, without pushing your body too far. However, walking is also very important even if you are sick. If you have a head cold or a chest cold, and you’re feeling sick, get out and go for a walk and you will feel a lot better afterwards.

And now let us go to the final point. The final point, which everyone should walk for, and a lot of people forget about, is FUN! You’re getting out and you’re doing something different. You’re getting out and you’re enjoying yourself! You can form a good habit, you can have fun by exploring here and there, and you can do fund raising activities wherein if you walk for several kilometres or miles, someone could sponsor you and you can generate some funds for local charity. It could be a great challenge. For example, if you have several kilometres to walk for and you want to reach it on a certain period of time, say two kilometres for two minutes, or something like that, then you will be able to push yourself to meet that challenge. If you start off slow, and you increase the challenge as you go along, well then, that will make it all the more exciting. The next day you might move a little bit faster, and you might be able to beat your time limit then by several seconds or minutes.

You should have a set routine for your walk. It might be around your block, or through a certain path. If you do this, then you will realize that, setting yourself up for a bit of a challenge just adds to the fun. Sometimes it’s just good to get out and see different things. Especially if you’re feeling a little bit depressed, then get outside and go for a walk, no matter what the weather is outside. If it’s snowing, you can always put some warm clothes on before getting out. Just get out and do something different.

So, we have said that you can get out and look at walking as a fun thing. It may be some sort of exercise, but it will make exercise a fun thing to do as well. You just have to enjoy it.

Walking for life is a massive benefit. It really highlights your time so that you can get out, explore, see different things, and just look around you. Life is there to be lived, not to stay inside and not do anything. If you have a look around, you’ll see what life is like. You could just walk down a simple pathway, with nothing else around you, except perhaps some street, or something like that. My point is that getting out and walking will do you so much good. I’m really excited for you and what walking can do. I really hope you have the opportunity, the chance, and the inclination to get out and walk. Enjoy your life!