The most difficult thing with working out on the road is your commitment. Working out on the road begins before you leave home. Whether you work out regularly or rarely, are fit or out of shape, you have to decide, that on this trip, you WILL work out, no matter what. If you are not sure you want to pay the price then do this experiment.

1. Undress

2. Look in the mirror

3. Ask yourself, “Do I like what I see?” If the answer is yes, then ask yourself “Do I want to maintain my fitness while I am away?” If you do not like what you see, then ask “Do I want to start dealing with this now?”

If the answer is “yes” then you are ready to commit. Once you are committed, plan and prepare. To prepare ask “What type of workouts would I enjoy – outdoor, indoor, or a combination?” Now reflect on the question “What are the obstacles to working out most likely to occur on my trip?”

If you commit and prepare adequately, I guarantee you will dramatically shrink all of your obstacles and objections. Here are my tips to help you overcome the more common problems on the road.

· Space (Indoors) You only need a 6′ x 8′ space which can be found in any hotel room. Gyms are a luxury but not necessary. (See this video I made on working out in a small area.)

· Time Make working out your first priority after you awake and meditate. This frees you up to enjoy the day’s schedule. Otherwise ensure you get it done before bed.

· Company Your best scenario is to have travel buddies with the same priority for fitness. Otherwise wake early and get it done before everyone else gets going.

· Equipment The less equipment you take the better. (See my list below).

· Nutrition You need to eat well! High protein breakfast and foods that sustain you throughout the day. Carrying good food with you when you can ensure you control your calories and may even be cheaper than eating out everywhere. (Check what I take with me below). Hydrate regularly throughout the day.

· Injury If you have an injury respect it. Rest or train lightly. You are on vacation and want to be in good shape to enjoy your day!

Here is how I prepared for my 6 week trip to Australia:

Firstly I decided to do a combination of indoor and outdoor workouts, including surfing. The indoor workouts included resistance, high intensity cardio, plyometric -jump training and yoga, five days per week while away. My preparation was simple. I packed a set of work out DVD’s for indoor training (played through my laptop), a black resistance band (weighs 1 pound), portable push up stands (1.5 pounds), running shoes and shorts. For nutrition I am taking supplements and a month’s supply of shakeology. Luckily my wife is a perfect travelling buddy who loves to workout and shares my commitment to stay fit.

So rather than return home after a great holiday to project “resurrect me”, I will come back strong, in my training groove, and looking as good as, or better than, when I left! Now that is a win-win vacation.

As a traveller how do you stay fit when away? Please add your comments below as this is such an important part of your journey. Also I would love to know if these tips helped you at all and if so, how. Thanks for your reply.

Travel well and Stay Strong