Most of us out there today fail in our weight loss efforts due to two main reasons. The first is we do not exercise. The second is the fact that we do not set realistic goals when we plan our exercise sessions, the result of which we lose motivation once the goals are not accomplished and subsequently lose heart. And when we lose motivation, it is hard to continue working out or exercising when your heart is not in it. For those who do not workout, it is down to pure laziness or lack of time in their daily schedules. Those who struggle to find time to exercise should try to plan their workout plans during weekends or probably fit in an hour or so after or before work to allow for these workout sessions.

Working out effectively is not difficult, provided you plan your workouts in advance and realistically. In reality, you would probably be able to lose weight through simple exercises that could be incorporated in your everyday activities. For starters, start walking instead of driving everywhere! If the grocery store is a few hundred meters away from your home, why not take a quick walk to the store instead of driving there? You could lose a few calories simply by walking. Apply the same principles at your workplace, instead of taking the elevator up to your office, choose the stairs instead in the morning. You could also practise brisk walking instead of walking leisurely, and this would help burn a little bit more calories.

Another way of losing weight would be to create your own gym at home. Most people are most comfortable in their own homes, thus it is recommended that you allocate some space in your home and get some equipment such as a treadmill and a stationary bicycle to fit into the space, this would help you create your own mini-gym at home where you could exercise at your leisure. Or if you do not like working out at home, head to one of the neighbourhood gyms that are available, you could also do weight exercises there that would assist in your weight loss efforts. Or take up some form of sports. Swimming is a good option, so are outdoor cycling, tennis and basketball. Those who love the outdoors should try hiking, mountaineering, trekking as well as other outdoor-based activities.