Walking is great for body and soul. It is a necessity for any weight loss program. We recommend walking 15 minutes each morning and 15 minutes before each meal. You will feel less hungry because your blood will absorb more oxygen and the protein and carbs in your next meal will be utilized faster as well. Starting a walking regime is not difficult and has many advantages. Walking is one of the very best exercises and there are loads of reasons why it is easy and enjoyable. Here are 7 reasons:

1.) Walking is Free

Considering that you are in good health without physical disabilities, everyone can go walking. It costs nothing and like skiing and other sports one needs no special equipment. Common sense, of course, dictates good comfortable shoes. You don’t need to spend tons of money going to a gym if you are on a weight loss program. Walking is one of the best and most pleasant ways of losing weight.

2.) Walk at Any Season in Any Weather

One usually thinks of walking as an outdoor exercise but it can also take place indoors. More and more people are getting up early to walk indoors in shopping malls. There are even mall groups that walk together making this a social occasion as well. In really bad weather you can elect to walk in your neighborhood mall. You can do your window shopping at the same time. Walking is a great way to lose weight, stay healthy and enjoy yourself.

3.) Walk With Your Dog

Your dog needs to go out for a walk and so do you. This is the perfect time for both of you to have some pleasant time together. It is the best time of day for your pet. Both of you need the exercise and the together time. Don’t have a dog? Maybe it’s time for you to consider visiting your local animal shelter and adopting a new best friend and walking companion. Or you could “borrow” a dog from a friend or neighbor. They might even want to walk with you. If you don’t want a dog of your own you might consider volunteering at the animal shelter as a dog walker. They are sorely needed and you can get lots of walking while helping out an orphan dog with much-needed exercise and human companionship. If you need to lose weight there is a good probability that Fido needs to drop a pound or two also. Lately there has been much talk about our pets as well as their owners being overweight or even obese. Walk off those extra calories and have a good time doing it.

4.) Walk and Enjoy the Countryside

If you live in the country, great! You already know how lovely it is to walk outdoors and enjoy the scenery, flowers and plants. Breathe deeply and walk quickly with a purpose. Swing your arms and feel free. This is wonderful for your whole body. It’s not really exercise: it’s relaxation while burning calories. Bring your dog along and a couple of friends as well. You can all do with a healthy walk in the great outdoors. Lose weight and have fun doing it.

5.) Walk and Enjoy the City

So you live in the city. You must know many interesting places for walking. Walk to your favorite places. Maybe you just want to just walk up and down your street or around the corner. That’s OK. Remember that you are walking and not strolling. Walk with a purpose so that you feel that you are really moving. Take big steps and swing your arms. Move as much as possible. Feels good. Doesn’t it?

6.) Walk in Your Own Time Frame

When you have a walking program you can set your own time frame and location. You choose where and when you want to walk. You are totally in charge. You own your walking program. When you enjoy your walking program you will be more apt to continue. You can make it as pleasant as you wish. When you keep to your own schedule you will walk off the pounds and have fun as well.

7.) Walking is Friendly

You may walk alone or with your dog, a friend or neighbor. Neighbors may stop and talk with you but don’t let this put a dent in your plan. Invite your neighbor to join you. This has the potential of becoming a regular neighborhood walking group. All some people need is someone else to share a walk. No matter what is your exercise of choice you can’t do better than walking for health and enjoyment. With a regular regime of walking 15 minutes each morning and 15 minutes before each meal you should find that you will burn fat and lose weight. You will feel better, stronger and happier. What can possibly be more important to a weight loss regime than constant exercise and sensible meal plan? When you make walking as part (or even all) of your exercise plan you are on the right track for better health, weight loss and a body that you always wanted.