Obesity rates are growing rapidly among populations. The rapid obesity rates are rising rapidly and even among teenagers and children, that makes it somehow depressing.

The last decade, awareness in fighting the obesity witnessed a rapid increase, schools and even universities are raising the awareness by doing fun sports activities for children and event family events which includes different kinds of sport exercises which can be entraining as well.

As a result, to this growing obesity rates, the health and fitness market is booming and developing. This created many jobs which made it easy for passionate people to transfer it to their dream jobs.

What are the best jobs in the field to consider as a long-term career path?

Here are the best health and fitness jobs you should consider:

  1. Personal Trainer

Personal trainer job is the best way to get involved in the fitness industry. Personal trainers usually give classes at their local gym, yoga studio or even private classes in their client’s houses. Enrolling in such industry is so easy and won’t take long time, a training certificate or attending a certain specialized training course would be enough. The best way to start in this field after taking a good training course is to work one-on-one with clients in their houses or in their local gym in in order to make them reach their fitness goals successfully.

  • Personal trainers’ average rates are not low, if the master and excel their classes and build up a solid strong reputation then they’ll even get paid higher than other personal trainers.
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  1. Physical Therapist

Physical therapists are responsible to treat any kind of exercise-related injury. Physical therapists help people with these injuries to recover efficiently and quickly, they do it by studying and building a solid knowledge of how the body heals , they also advise their patients on the best rehabilitative exercises which needs to be done . Physical Therapists are in high-demand, it’s expected to grow rapidly by the end of 2020.

  • Working as a physical therapist requires a doctoral degree and state license.
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  1. Athletic Trainer.

Athletic Trainer enrolls in so many industries. Being an athletic Trainer means you’ll be able to work with high schools, professional sports team, and college and even in secondary schools. Athletic trainer’s role is to help prevent, treat and diagnose exercise related injuries, they’ll also be responsible for develop and start warm-ups and fitness regimens for athletes.

  • Athletic Trainer must hold a bachelor’s degree and also a certification or license.
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Nutritionists help the society in eating right.  Nutritionists advises their clients on what to drink and eat in order to lose the extra weight and reach their health goal by following a nutritionally diet. Nutritionists or Dietitians usually operate in hospitals, clinics and sometimes in nursing home. Other part of them is self-employed in their own clinics.

  • Nutritionists need a special degree, but they also need to participate in state licensing programs before they begin their career and their practice.
  • Working as a nutritionist means that your work will be flexible; you can either go on appointments or open your own clinic and schedule it upon your free-time.
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  1. Sports coach.

This job works only for passionate sports lovers. Many sports lover’s dreams of working in their official favorite teams, their drive is their passion not money. Sports coach starts by joining and working in local schools’ districts, universities and colleges. Some industries would require a bachelor’s degree for a sports coach job positions, but other industries prefer high experience levels upon degrees. If the experience owned by the sports coach is strong and solid, then they’ll easily teach athletes the proper techniques and skills to play the game well.

  • Sports coach job positions require a passion even before the educational degree, if their passion is their drive, then they’ll certainly superior.
  • Have you got this amount of passion inside you for a certain team? If you do, you can start up buy working in small game teams by joining schools and universities near you.
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Health and fitness jobs are a great choice for all times and decades. Fitness related jobs would never drawback because it’s either operated for fun activities like in schools and universities or government related sports like the official football or soccer teams. You’ll be both gaining good amounts of money besides being entertained and involved in helping the society or even individuals. If you’re a sports lover and passionate about everything related to sports even the precise food related to sports, then you must enroll in fitness industries. The most superior is the most passionate!

Aya Silawi, an employee in Joblang Company. Holding a position of a content writer in Joblang.com. She offers essays assistance to a wide range of clients both locally and internationally. Visit their blog https://joblang.blog/ to learn more.