A really simple way to unify your team under the one flag, while promoting corporate, is to set company walking targets. Walking is the one form of exercise that (almost) anyone can take part in regardless of fitness levels. It is also something that your staff can do by themselves, in pairs or in larger groups and it doesn’t cost the participants anything. All you need to do as the business leader is to supply pedometers (the little device that counts your steps) and a large whiteboard, and you are ready to go!

Why Walking

Because walking is so easy, it teaches people in a very low-intensity way how to make exercise a regular part of their routine. Employees with a really sedentary job will walk roundabout 3,000 steps per day, but for weight loss and maintenance an average of 10,000 steps per days is advised, which is roughly an hour to an hour and a half of walking. Some people that have jobs where they’re on their feet a lot of the time may be getting their 10,000 steps without any additional walks while others need to make an effort either before, after or during work.

Increasing Your Daily Steps Effortlessly

Sometime the thoughts of going for an extra walk in the day to cover a certain amount of steps can feel like choir, but there are ways around it until you appreciate getting out and about. Park your car further away from work, or from wherever you are going. If you are using public transportation, get off a couple of stops before your destination and walk. Where there are escalators and elevators, take the stairs. If the distance you’re travelling is relatively short, don’t take the car, save the ozone layer and your wallet by walking instead.

Create Your Company Targets, Achieve and Reset!

If you want your walking challenges to run effortlessly you cannot force people to do a certain amount of steps each day, but you can make it more fun by giving all their combined efforts some purpose. So you create targets to reach as a team. One kilometre is roughly 1,320 steps and by knowing this you can set a distance like Melbourne to Sydney as a group target. Get everyone’s name up on the whiteboard, hand out the pedometers and write down the overall target. Add in some images of the distance to make the goal feel more real. Each week you write down the steps of everyone and you keep going until you have reached your target. Once the target is reached, you may choose another one, or to it again, faster! Engage your team and health and productivity will become a nice little bi-product.

Depending on the size of your business, you should choose different targets, but even smaller businesses can aim to reach larger targets over time and larger corporations can have smaller targets and introduce some friendly competitions in between departments. Here are a few distances to get your team started:

Marathon 55,704 steps (42.2km)

Iron Man Competition 298,452 steps (226.1km)

Monaco Grand Prix 343,886 steps (260.52km)

Melbourne to Sydney 1,152,360 steps (873km)

Tour De France 4,752,000 steps (3,600km)

Great Wall of China 8,448,000 steps (6,400km)

Trans-Siberian Railway 12,272,040 steps (9,297km)

Earth to the Moon 507,411,960 steps (384,403km)