Exercise should be an integral part of your life. But, the question that is often asked (especially those who love to analyze issues) is: Is it better to workout at home or to workout at a gym? The simple answer to that question is: Yes. There are pros and cons of working out at home; there are pros and cons of working out at a gym. The bottom line is that you can and should incorporate exercise in your life.

Personally, I like working out at home. When I used to work out at a gym, it would take me about 30-45 minutes to get ready, drive down to the gym, and to get started in my workouts. Currently, it would only take me 30-45 minutes to finish my workouts. I vary my workouts with resistance training (e.g. weights and bands), treadmill workouts, exercise DVDs, etc. There is no shortage on what to do at home. I do not have to worry as much on the way I look (although I do not worry as much on my looks when I work out at a gym). Obviously, there are some times when I have to wait on particular exercise equipments because other people are using them. Then, a major reason why I do not work out in gyms is that there are membership dues that have to be paid. For the cost of the membership, you can purchase all the equipment you need and even keep the equipment. Even if you do not use the gym membership which is common for many people, you still have to pay those annoying membership fees. During the beginning of the year, it is almost impossible to get a good workout because of the huge crowds at the gyms. This is the time of year when resolutions take effect. After a few months (around March), the crowds start to thin out.

But, there are benefits of working out in a gymnasium. There is no shortage of the variety of equipments. You can use treadmills, elliptical cycles, free weights, and other equipments. In addition, most gyms offer step classes, yoga classes, and a multitude of classes that can benefit your physical fitness. A big advantage of using gyms as a workout place is the availability of saunas and swimming pools. Saunas are a great place to detoxify yourself after a workout. When I see many of the gyms now, they look like vacation resorts with areas for kids to play while you workout, outdoor seating areas to enjoy the sun, etc. There are also fitness consultants and trainers who can advise you. But, these consultants and trainers can also be a con against using gyms (that is another issue for another time). Working out at a gym can place emphasis on your fitness goals. Just like going to a workplace to work, you are going to the gym to exercise.

Thus, do not evaluate this issue too much. You will get analysis paralysis. Just do the exercises. Then, work out at home and then work out at a gym. You can decide which is best for you. Personal fitness is about you and your fitness- with emphasis on personal (you).