Cold weather doesn’t create favorable conditions for working out. When it’s snowing or raining you usually don’t feel like getting out of bed or leaving the couch and definitely not for exercising. But due the cold weather you shouldn’t breakaway from your daily fitness routine. Read on to find out how you can exercise even when it’s cold outside.

Outdoor Workouts

There are some people who continue with outdoor exercises even during the winters. And if you happen to be one of them then just follow the tips discussed below.

Dress in layers: You can dress in layers so that you can easily take of the warm clothes whenever you’re feeling hot. You should wear sweat wicking clothes first and then put on the warm layer on that. Always protect your head and ear from the cold weather by wearing caps.

Avoid the wind: Take the paths which are sheltered and are clear from snow and muddy puddles.

Warm up indoors: Do your warm exercises at home before you head off outside. Make yourself warm by wearing clothes directly from the dryer and by putting your hands and feet in warm water.

Working out at the Gym

Working out at the gym is a good option during bad weather. You can do most of the outdoor exercises in the gym. You can walk, run, and jog on the treadmill. You can cycle on the stationary bikes. You don’t have to drag yourself outside in the cold weather when you can comfortably practice the same exercises indoors.
You can also join group fitness classes like step aerobics, kickboxing and spinning. They provide a great workout for the body and are very effective in burning body fat.

Working out at home

There are some exercises which can be done in your bedroom is as affective as using machines and free weights. You can practice the exercises at home without going in the cold weather.

Squats- Place your feet about thirteen to seventeen inches away and keep the back straight with your head facing up. Take the support of a desk or a cabinet. Then squat down where your upper thigh is parallel to the floor and then stand up. This exercise will help you build muscles in the thighs and keep your buttocks toned

Lunges- Stand straight and put one foot forward and the other at the back. Keep your chest up and bring your upper down bending your leg. You should maintain a distance of at least one to two feet between your legs. Don’t bring your knees forward than your toes as you go down and then pull back up comfortably.

Chin-ups- This is a great workout for the upper body. For chin-ups you can use the door frame in your house. Make a firm under hand grip of the frame and then hang yourself stretching the muscles in your arm. Then slowly drag your body up so that your chin reaches the height of the bar. Again lower your body and repeat the process.

Push Up- It helps to build chest, arms and shoulder muscles. Lie on the floor with your face and place your hands near your waist with your palms on the floor. Then push up to make your arms straight lifting your upper body from the floor, then lower it and repeat the process again. If you have doubts about the exercises discussed in this article consult a fitness trainer.